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L’Opinion – a new daily newspaper for France

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L’Opinion – a new daily newspaper for France

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May 15 saw the launch of a new national daily newspaper in France, L’Opinion, that – as its title suggests – sets out to distinguish itself from other newspapers mainly by publishing articles expressing opinions from the areas of politics and business. Founder and CEO of the new newspaper is Nicolas Beytout (former head of the newsrooms at Les Échos and Le Figaro).

The new publication consists of a digital edition, updated several times daily, and a print edition produced in the Berlin format with a page count of 8 to 12 in Paris. It is a on sale in the larger cities (9000 sales points) at the price of 1.50 euros. Target circulation is 50,000 copies.


Besides articles, the editorial team also produces videos (e.g. interviews and a news overview). The contents are prepared also for tablets and smartphones.


Numerous French companies are reported to have participated in the initial funding of the project, including LVMH, a producer of luxury goods.


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2013-05-22 11:55

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