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World News Publishing Focus 05/06.2013

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World News Publishing Focus 05/06.2013

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Editorial: Notes before Bangkok 2013

“I believe that the obituaries for newspapers are premature. (…) There is something in our collective DNA that makes us want to sip our coffee, turn a page, look up from a story, say ‘Can you believe this?’, and pass the paper to the person across the table.” That is from Arianna Huffington, who uses the term “DNA” frequently when talking about her brainchild, the Huffington Post news and blog behemoth.


BuzzFeed: ads can be social too

As conventional digital advertising shows little hope of being able to support the journalism it accompanies, sponsored content is emerging as an alternative. Sponsorships have appeared in printed publications and broadcasting for many years, but now a new twist on the concept is becoming increasingly common online.


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Bangkok 2013

From 2-5 June, the 65th World Newspaper Congress will draw publishers, CEOs, and other top executives from media companies around the world to the vibrant capital of Thailand. An array of top-level executives will take the stage to share insights into business and management challenges – and success stories. We interviewed a few of the speakers ahead of the event to discuss some of their projects.

In Hong Kong, a bold growth target of 50% in five years’ time

Korea’s JMnet looks to premium content for future revenue

Disruption demands new leadership skills, culture of innovation


Driving change in the newsroom

From leading the newsroom through major cuts to the latest digital developments as well as issues such as branding, sponsored content and citizen journalism, the World Editors Forum in Bangkok has a programme fit for all editors. Here’s a taste.

El País: how to keep a focus on quality journalism in tough times

Citizen journalism platform thrives in Sri Lanka 


Using data to boost engagement, revenue

Taking place alongside the Congress and World Editors Forum in Bangkok is the World Advertising Forum. One session certain to draw attention this year focuses on “Audience insight, analytics and big data.” It examines how news publishers are improving their understanding of their audience and measuring engagement, which is essential for monetising.  


The HuffPost mantra

‘Staying true to our DNA: engagement, connection and community’

Arianna Huffington’s spreading the word. She wants to start a new conversation. It’s what she and the Huffington Post do better than most in the news media industry. This time it’s all about redefining success.


 Cut costs by improving your energy efficiency

Newspaper printing operations are increasingly paying attention to energy efficiency. Josef Schießl, technical manager at the printing centre of the Süddeutscher Verlag in Munich, reports about the company’s energy efficiency project and its impressive results.


Investment and development

Schur focuses on cost efficiency and flexible solutions

Miami Herald’s new printing plant ready

KBA retrofits newspaper presses with Kodak ink-jet systems

Coffee cups on order


Global Action on Safety of Journalists

The United Nations “Plan of Action on the Safety of Journalists and the Issue of Impunity” aims to contribute to a free and safe environment for journalists and media workers. As signatories to the Plan, WAN-IFRA spoke with Guy Berger, Director of the Division of Freedom of Expression and Media Development at UNESCO, the UN agency with responsibility for coordinating the implementation of the initiative, about a specific role for the global news publishing industry.



Newspapers need to improve ad content, not just news

Newspapers are refocusing on the quality of their content, as they work to justify print price increases and digital paywalls. However, even the smartest publishers are overlooking a huge part of the consumer value proposition: the advertising itself.
By Steve Gray


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