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SFN Report: Trends in Newspaper Production, sponsored by KBA

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SFN Report: Trends in Newspaper Production, sponsored by KBA

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Automation, cutting costs and creating new revenues continue to be the most important current trends in newspaper production, though increasingly also the modernisation of existing production equipment in order to postpone investments in new equipment.

Digital printing is taking the first steps toward being used for short print runs to produce local editions. And many newspapers are pinning their hopes on innovation in advertising.

Many of today’s technology and industry trends are heavily reflected in WAN-IFRA’s events, besides other contents, so we have incorporated several excerpts from our reports about the Printing Summit 2012, the Power of Print Focus Sessions and the World Publishing Expo 2012 into this trend report. And since 2012 was a drupa year, we have included our comprehensive report from the mammoth printing exhibition, focusing on innovations for the newspaper sector.

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2013-03-14 16:55

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