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Denmark - youth engagement & news literacy

Denmark - youth engagement & news literacy

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A guide in print for news in print

A new guide introduces Danish 13- to 16-year-olds to the printed newspaper by offering lively graphics and descriptions, plus an array of activities to further explore news in print.

Authors Gitte Martens Poulsen and Aslak Gottlieb were supported by the country’s newspaper association and the national organization for teachers of Danish literature. 

"The printed newspaper is the mother of modern news media – including digital news media," explained Gottlieb. "In educational terms, students obtain media literacy widely working with the printed paper. The very basics of journalism are presented both visually and ergonomically to both students and teacher in a way that is extremely clear and with a high amount of transfer value to news media in general." 

The guide focuses on both journalistic reading and writing news, as well as explaning the role of the newspaper in society. A teaching guide offers more background and activities. An earlier guide targets younger students.

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