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Best of Olympics: 19th World Editors Forum, Kiev 2-5 Sept

Best of Olympics: 19th World Editors Forum, Kiev 2-5 Sept

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The Olympics have given news graphics departments a golden opportunity
to show off their technological agility. Infographic designers from
across the globe have been training for months, limbering up to make
this summer’s integrated, multi-platform data visualizations

Some of the best coverage of London 2012 will be on display in a
special session at the 19th World Editors Forum, taking place in Kiev
from 2-5th September. It will be presented by Adonis Durado, Design
Director for Oman’s Muscat Press, who is a member of a worldwide
consortium set up to pool graphics during the Olympics.

Instead of facing off as rivals, ten news publications’ design
departments decided to approach London 2012 as a team. Hence the
“graphics consortium," an informal agreement among infographic gurus
from Le Monde, The Boston Globe, La Nación and others to cross-publish
one another's Olympic graphics – for free.

“We are now in the age of sharing information,” says Durado, whose
team has already contributed five graphics to the consortium.

“Building graphics is labour-intensive,” he admits; it took his team
three weeks to research and construct a ring-shaped visualization on
the history of the Olympic medallion, and their spread on Muslim
athletes competing during the fast of Ramadan took a fortnight.

“These kinds of events make the graphics department frenzied and more
chaotic,” Durado says, but they are also an occasion for
experimentation. “Newsrooms will give you space; you can do whatever
you want,” he says. “It’s exciting."

In another showcase session, Mark Little, Founder and CEO of Storyful,
will give tips on how to integrate public video into your newsroom
effectively and without risking your credibility.


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2012-08-09 11:48

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