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Expectations for drupa - from Sweden

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Expectations for drupa - from Sweden

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Johan Stenberg is Technical Director of Bold Printing Group AB, a Bonnier Company.

WAN-IFRA: What do you see as the main technical trends today in printing and especially in newspaper printing?


Johan Stenberg: Productivity and flexibility. Everything that makes it possible to reduce the manpower needed and the material consumption. The cost per copy must remain on the same level or be reduced in order to stay on the market.

WAN-IFRA: What will your primary focus be this year? Do you have investment plans?


Johan Stenberg: Improved productivity and profitability. A number of old presses will be closed and replaced by a less number of new ones. The staff will be reduced by 1/3 during the next two years in two of our plants. In one plant the space used will be reduced by 50%. We have invested heavily during the period 2007-2011 and will now consolidate and just do minor investments. The production volumes will remain approximately the same.  

WAN-IFRA: What are your expectations regarding technical developments or new products in the area of inkjet printing or semi-commercial for newspaper printers?


Johan Stenberg: Regarding the newspaper printers I see improved flexibility and possibilities to diversify the customer products: different paper qualities, different formats (trimmed products) but still with short make-ready time and high productivity.


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2012-04-02 13:53

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