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Create a newspaper: Sweden, ages 10-11

Create a newspaper: Sweden, ages 10-11

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Target group: Ages 11 and 12

Timing: One week (with one meeting before and two after)

Country: Sweden

Newspaper: Hudiksvalls Tidning  (circulation 14 400 daily)

Year: 2009

Project in brief:

The main purpose of the project was to let children participate in making their own newspaper, all the way from planning, collecting material, photographing, writing and editing to printing and distribution. The newspaper also wanted to use a new editing tool in the project.

How they did it:

The newspaper wrote a syllabus for the project, and 14 interested children answered an advertisement about the project. Participation was free for the children.

The first meeting with the children (and some parents) was held at the newspaper’s offices, where they were taken around the offices and informed of journalism practices. Also ideas for content for their own paper were discussed.

During their holiday week from school, the children worked as editorial staff six hours a day at KomTek, the organising partner. Two journalists from Hudiksvalls, who had previous experience with working with children, supervised the work, one as news director and the other as art director. Also KomTek’s staff assisted in editing the paper. The newspaper’s graphic office made the logotype and ads.

For printing of the paper one week later, the children attended the press hall to see the plates produced. 5,000 copies were printed, with the children seeing their papers come out of the press.


Partner: KomTek, a technology and entrepreneurship school

Sponsors: The newspaper’s printing house, a small local printer and a few local restaurants. The sponsors were acquired by the newspaper and KomTek


  • from the newspaper (0.5 to 5 days): 1 Project Director, 1 Assistant, 1 Graphic Artist, 2 Journalists
  • from the partner: 1 Supervisor, 2 Assistants


The final paper was distributed to 5,000 schools in the region. The new editing tool was used in the process



Anna-Karin Widehammar, Market Communicator

Hudiksvalls Tidning (HT)

Box 1201, S-824 15, Hudiksvall, Sweden



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