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News content for new iPad (and rivals) will be challenge of 2012

News content for new iPad (and rivals) will be challenge of 2012

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The 'new iPad' screen has four times as many pixels as the original - but what does this mean for existing Apps? After many organizations have finally established a presence on the App Store, will their content be rendered obsolete by the new devices? This will undoubtedly been one of the big talking points at DME and our Study Tour programme this year.

As noted by Poynter, this will present new challenges for news orgs. Many with expertise in making the same content available for different platforms, will now need to have different content as well. Or at least ensure that all existing content is available in high resolution. 

While some innovations, like 4G, are unlikely to go mainstream in Europe for at least another 18 months, users will very quickly come to expect HD quality text, photos and video on their new iOS devices. 

As Charles Arthur from the Guardian points out, for some magazines this "would mean about 2.8GB per issue for benefits that most people won't either notice or benefit from initially".

It's a dilemma that will undoubtedly be discussed further by the New York Times and the Guardian at DME 2012 in April - and by the MailOnline and Axel Springer (and others) on our European Study Tour.


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2012-03-08 17:15

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