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THE NETHERLANDS - engaging the young then and now

THE NETHERLANDS - engaging the young then and now

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The Nieuws in de klas (News in the Class) foundation is part of the Dutch News Media Association and has been helping youth use and navigate the news since 1976.


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Nieuws in de klas coordinates access via all platforms to news content for education of news titles affiliated with the NDP News Media association. A Freedom of Expression Road Show called for journalists to visit schools for discussions after two lessons that explain the function of news in society and examine freedom of speech and of the press.  A new service (launched in January 2017) gives teachers free access to the news via aggregator BLENDLE.  Using vouchers from Nieuws in de Klas, zccess is granted for one month for each news title. Teachers can request each voucher twice a year for themselves and for pupils. If teachers spread out the vouchers, they can follow the news the whole year from multiple sources. Download PDF at the bottom of the page for the more about the Road Show and other recent developmentsPhoto: Marijke Hoebee


The Netherland's Nieuws in de klas (News in Education) has been promoting media literacy, literacy and civic engagement for nearly 40 years. Founded in 1976 by the Dutch Newsmedia Association, NDP Nieuwsmedia (then called the Dutch Newspaper Publishers' Association), the programme has consistently developed new projects to capture an ever-evolving media landscape. 

In 2011, the programme changed its name from Krant in de Klas (Newspapers in Education) to Nieuws in de klas (News in Education). The move was not just cosmetic. With its rebranding, NIE Netherlands overhauled its strategy to encompass a broad range of media – new and old – and focus more on journalism than solely its platform. Membership was also opened to involve non-newspaper news media and now includes a news agency, online media, national news television, news radio, as well as weekly newspapers and newspapers for children. Nieuws in de klas represents forty different news titles.

Nieuws in de klas strives to facilitate education around media through providing all levels of schools with resources –including more than half a million newspapers each year –developing educational materials, offering teacher trainings and conducting research around youth and news media. In 2013, the programme updated all of its teaching materials to better focus on language skills, media literacy and civil society. Nieuws in de klas also cooperates with different educational publishers to ensure educational resources are in touch with the realities of the world outside of the classroom.

Nieuws in de klas partner mediaNieuws in de klas partner mediaTeachers in the Netherlands are constantly using the outside world in their lessons. Across classrooms, the news is a focal part of in-school discussions and curriculum. To help spur new ideas and collaboration amongst peers, Nieuws in de klas is a platform for sharing ideas on how to work news into school.

To help raise awareness, Nieuws in de klas launched a nationwide campaign in 2013 with all of the news organisations it represents. For example, the slogan “Students who follow the news, score better results” was printed in an array of educational magazines and websites.

Nieuws in de klas has also been working with the Waag Society to make the award-winning Digital News Collage available to schools. Winner of the Media Literacy Innovation Award, issued by IPON (a Dutch organisation which aims to improve the integration of Information and Communication Technology (ICTs) in education) and (the Dutch Media Literacy Expertise Center), the project consists of student output including articles on multiple platforms that are selected and annotated in class. It also takes advantage of tablets and iPads. For example, one activity requires students to mark in red for facts or green for opinion and answer core questions about article structure including the five W's: who, what, where, when, and why.

Nieuws in de klas has developed new lesson plans for the final years of primary school and the start of secondary school. As the curriculum advances, students are taken through the different steps of journalism from the basics to its more theoretical questions. Students are given a “toolkit” to help them create their own hyper-local news website or paper. Students can pick their own focus and pitch stories to collectively create a final product. So far, the project has received positive feedback.



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