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The 2011 World Young Reader Round Table

The 2011 World Young Reader Round Table

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Young Reader Round Table - Part 1 - 2011 World Young Reader Prize prize ceremony

Young Reader Round Table - Part 2 - Alexandre Nilo Fonseca (Controlinveste Media Lab) 

Young Reader Round Table - Part 2 - Azrul Ananda (Jawa Pos, Indonesia)

Young Reader Round Table - Part 2 - Alok Sanwal (I-Next, India)

Young Reader Round Table - Part 2 - Barbara Aschenbrenner (ZIS, Austria)

Young Reader Round Table - Part 2 - Gerard van der Weijden (WAN-IFRA Young Reader Advice Booth)


Nearly 300 participants watched winners of the World Young Reader prize get their awards at the 2011 World Young Reader Round Table. It was but one of the events that is taking the place of the World Young Reader Conference that had been scheduled for Madrid.


The Round Table was held on 12 October as part of the 63rd World Newspaper Congress and 18th World Editors Forum during WAN-IFRA “Newspaper Week” in Vienna, Austria.

"This change allowed for us to put more resources into getting the word out to colleagues who aren't yet persuaded that youth a key to our survival," said Aralynn McMane, executive director of young readership development. "This move is part of a new general strategy to do more to reach the 'unconverted'" More on that topic here.

The next major young reader event will be the Asia Pacific Young Reader Summit, set for 10 and 11 July, where the next World Young Reader Prizes will be awarded.

Young Reader Round Table overview:

 MODERATOR: Aralynn McMane, Executive Director, WAN-IFRA Young Readership Development

The core idea of the session was that newspapers must reach the newest generation of young people where they are and with both authenticity and strong sense of engagement or they are, quite simply, not going to survive on any platform. This year’s Young Reader Round Table will explore some of the latest successes in this effort.


Twenty-four world-class strategies to try

Presentation of the 2011 World Young Reader Prizes by Jacob Mathew, President of WAN-IFRA and CEO of Malayala Manorama, India. Participants received full descriptions of all the winning prize entries. You can find out more about about the winners HERE.

How to assure a new generation that seeks and understands news

Portugal’s new Media Labs at Controlinveste newspapers Diário de Notícias (circ. 23 675) and Jornal de Notícias (circ. 88 436) are teaching hundreds of children a crucial basic understanding and appreciation of professional journalism with solid support from partners. Speaker: Alexandre Nilo Fonseca, Head of Marketing, Controlinveste Media, Portugal .

 How to engage completely with youth at the core

Details from two newspapers about how their youth-centered “total youth think” strategy has paid off in ways that can also be adapted for other markets. Speakers: Azrul Anada, Director, Jawa Pos (Indonesia, circulation 400 000), will describe that paper’s multi-faceted, multi-platform approach that has included daily surveys of 500 to 1000 youth over the past ten years. Alok Sanwal, CEO of I-Next (India, circulation 311 000) on the elements of that paper’s effective “ecosystem” of actions.

How to work together to do the essential basics

Effective joint youth actions can save individual newspapers time, expense and effort. We’ll examine a range of examples, starting with Zeitung in der Schule, the highly successful youth programme of VÖZ, the Austrian newspaper association. Speaker: Barbara Aschenbrenner, Manager, Zeitung in der Schule, Austria

The Young Reader Advice Booth: A preview

Some top winners and advisors will also be on hand at a special Young Reader Advice Booth at both the IFRA EXPO and INFO SERVICES EXPO with a team led by Gerard van der Weijden of STEPP, Belgium, a veteran trainer and avisor to WAN-IFRA.


The World Young Reader Prizes and Round Table are supported by Norske Skog, the Norway-based paper producer as part of its partnership in WAN-IFRA’s Newspapers in Education Development programme.

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