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WEPP: Sponsor an editor

WEPP: Sponsor an editor

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What is the World Editors Partnership Program (WEPP)?

Should your newspaper decide to sponsor an editor, please send an e-mail to

The World Editors Partnership Program was established by the World Editors Forum in 2004.

Since then, more than 100 editors from emerging countries have benefitted from the WEPP, thanks to the contribution of the sponsors you find in this page. WEPP sponsors are governmental bodies, newspapers and companies who share our conviction that the independence of the press is a key feature for democratic governance and for the fulfillment of political and civil rights.

Why is it important to sponsor WEPP?

Through the WEPP program, WEF aims to meet two fundamental needs of editors emerging countries:

  • Training need: One of the obstacles to running independent newspapers in emerging countries is the impossibility to provide appropriate training for editors, due to financial reasons.
  • Networking need: Financial issues also often prevent editors in emerging countries  from building an appropriate network with the world-wide community of media professionals. The international support that comes from durable relations established with editors in industrialized nations can be very effective in facing governmental attempts to limit press freedom and independence.

How much does it cost to sponsor an editor through WEPP?

4,450 euros are enough to make a difference to the professional preparation and networking opportunities for an editor.

This amount covers:

  • A four-month online coaching process, based on the contents of the Editors Weblog and WAN-IFRA/WEF publications (editorial quality, new media, newsroom issues, ethics and preparation of the sessions of the annual World Editors Forum conference).
  • Attendance of annual World Editors Forum: four days spent learning from the most successful papers in the media landscape, and networking with the 1,500 professionals attending the WAN-IFRA/WEF events
  • WEF membership for one year, which brings several benefits, including access to the WAN-IFRA/WEF members database and delivery of unique publications covering all the subjects involved in the strategy, concept and practice of editorial excellence.

Benefits & guarantees for sponsors

a) Communication Benefits

  • WEPP sponsors have a dedicated page in the Trends in Newsrooms report, which is distributed and sold to media professionals around the world
  • Half a page of thanks to the sponsors of WEPP is published in a leading newspaper of the country that hosts the annual World Editors Forum
  • Official WEF thanks to WEPP sponsors are showed on the screen during the sessions of the World Editors Forum
  • In the official WEF Forum and WAN-IFRA Congress program there is a page dedicated to WEPP and its sponsors
  • Sponsored editors and WEPP Sponsors are introduced to the attendees of the World Editors Forum Annual General Meeting during the Editors' Cocktail, at the beginning of the conference.

b) Guarantees during the Program

  • The Selection of sponsored editors: each year, the WEF Board sets up a committee that selects the beneficiaries of the WEPP program, among applicants and professionals recommended by WAN-IFRA, WEF Board members and by sponsors.
  • The sponsor receives the name and contact details of the "coached editors" he/she is covering expenses for
  • A financial statement is sent by WEF to sponsors each year, together with a written evaluation of the program, and the comments from the sponsored editors.


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The purpose of the World Editors Partnership Programme (WEPP) is to help editors from emerging countries integrate into the community of journalism professionals despite cultural and/or financial issues, and learn how to successfully run an independent newspaper.


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