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Discover the topics that best suit your needs by looking under the headings Editorial, Sales & Marketing, Production.


  • Writing for digital media
  • Media-convergent journalism 1+2
  • Change management in the newsroom

Mix of Editorial and Sales & Marketing:

  • How to successfully relaunch your newssite
  • Social media tools

Sales & Marketing:

  • Online marketing in the publishing house
  • Ad-selling undergoing change
  • International Media Skills Qualification
  • Marketing for printing companies

Sales & Marketing and Production:

  • Brand management in publishing houses
  • Calculating printing costs


  • Consumables interaction
  • Plates and printing
  • Printing know-how and quality control
  • Improve quality and reduce waste

Editorial and Production:

  • Colour management
  • Animated graphics for web, tablet, etc.
  • Implementing the ISO newspaper printing standard
  • The newspaper becomes a magazine
  • Online video production for editors
  • InDesign in newspaper production
  • Image optimisation for printing and online
  • Information graphics
  • Softproofing in production and at the control desk
  • How to produce good photos
  • Lean Manufacturing

topics of all 3:

  • Automating production processes
  • Creating a cross-platform ”News-Show”
  • QUIZ Forum, Quality in the Newspaper
  • Designing free and advertising newspapers
  • Change projects in media operations
  • Project management
  • Motivation in times of change

    In addition we offer topics about latest trends in our series Topic Updates. Here you will get intensive know-how transfer for a minimum investment of time. The objective of this series of one-day workshops is to communicate in compact form latest trends in the media industry and discuss relevant concepts in small groups. Participants gain an in-depth insight into a specialised topic, thus enabling them to develop or also refresh their knowledge.


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