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IFRA Track 4.1

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The IFRA Track 4.1 Release Candidate is the current version published. Beginners of IFRA Track should read the IFRA Special Report 3.21.3 about IfraTrack 3.0 first in order to get acquainted with the process and data model behind it.

For more than half a decade, WAN-IFRA was never approached to change or further develop IFRA Track. This has changed now. Several suppliers of all kinds of newspaper production systems have gathered under the name of Printmedia Network e.V., in short: Prime Network, in order to develop common software interfaces between their solutions.

They operate with the aim to develop easily to adopt interfaces without the huge adjustment effort of international standardisation bodies. Recently the Printmedia Network has opened up internationally and nearly all companies who were significantly involved in the development of IFRA Track 3.0 are members of the Prime Network today. WAN-IFRA has happily seized the suggestion to further develop IFRA Track as a joint effort with the Prime Group and to make it available to the public as a WAN-IFRA standard.


The download documents below are listed in a timely fashion, the newest documents on top of the list. The IFRA Track 4.1 documents are grouped in a zip file. If you are not familiar with the basic process model of IFRA Track we strongly recommend to read the IFRA Special Report 6.21.3 "IFRA Track 3.0" first.



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2010-12-21 16:10

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IFRA Track started in the mid 90s as a research project at KTH (Royal Institute of Technology) and IFRA (now WAN-IFRA) in order to foster the communication between global production management and tracking systems and the numerous production devices in the field, mainly for recorders an plate making devices, press and mailroom. Read more ...