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Mobile Information and News Data Services for 3G

Mobile Information and News Data Services for 3G

In 2004, WAN-IFRA had joined five European news agencies in founding a consortium to create a new generation of information and new services for mobile communication. The project MINDS (Mobile Information and News Data Services for 3G – the next generation of news) was founded as EU-funded project.

MINDS aims to present innovative information services for mobile phones and to define technical and commercial standards. The consortium worked with the European media and telecommunications industry to accelerate the market penetration of mobile media services.

The national news agencies are serving both the media and telecommunications industry. The MINDS partners were therefore cooperating closely with mobile operators, publishers and broadcasters to integrate all players of the mobile media business and to mediate a process of standardisation. The EU was funding MINDS through “eContent."

Find more information about the project and its results at

MINDS International

The MINDS project has been successfully finished. Based on the results of the project, the ideas and products have been further developed. Leading international news agencies have formed the network “MINDS International”, which is dealing with all kind of digital information and publishing solutions. MINDS International has been officially founded as registered association in September 2007. For further and more comprehensive information please visit the new MINDS homepage at


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