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Classified systems

Classified systems

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IFRA Expo 2010

For the doom-mongers of the newspaper industry (and there are enough of them), classified advertising is a case in point of how the industry blinked and missed out in the early days of online. There may be some truth in that but recent events in Europe involving the likes of Schibsted and Axel Springer show that newspaper publishers are aware of the stakes and busy clawing back large sectors of the market.

Saxotech shows its numerous solutions.

Some of these come from well established players, such as Adicio and SAXOTECH with its Mediaware Centre both of which offer turnkey applications at an enterprise level to not only collect, sort, and offer classified ads but also integrate that process with broader brand strategy and marketing objectives. On the same lines, Anygraaf was showing its Profit series of modules including the CDProfit carrier distribution management system, which manages classifieds along with display, salary and invoicing to help give a more precise picture of trends in revenue flow.

Search enhancements

Other big names are busy adding to their classifieds offering, notably Atex, which recently bought Kaango, the leading web classifieds software platform in the United States. The aim is to integrate Kaango’s advanced ad search and placement tools into Atex’s cloud environment to offer self-placed and hyperlocal ad services within a large-scale, even global system depending on the size of the media company. Unio is another company that has moved into cloud-based computing for advertising services with the latest version of unioPalma, which provides a tailored system to add online management of classifieds to overcome the issue of interface problems between legacy systems.

In the clouds

The cloud approach has many benefits such as scalability and accessibility, but when it comes to classifieds probably the outstanding attraction for newspapers is the possibility of integration with existing ad booking tools, usually by means of Java, so as to avoid the approach of standalone ad systems functioning as isolated ghettos within a newspaper’s data environment.

Self-placed ads are a key feature in many offerings – aiming to replicate the ease of use that helped pure players like Gumtree and Craigslist lever themselves into the market. Companies such as Germany’s evolver were showing simple browser-based tools to bring self-placed classifieds to any news organisation regardless of size.

New classified ad modules could also be seen from dataplan Beratungsgesellschaft, which has added a new AdvertDesigner module for classifieds to accompany its existing ClassfiedDesigner make-up tool. Another new product at the Expo was Wave2’s Market Place. Market Place is an online advertising website and listings engine with full search capabilities built upon the Wave2 Publishing Platform, which includes AdPortal – a complete site for self-service advertising for both print and online.

Of course there’s a third dimension to advertising these days as classifieds are streaming onto the small screen where features such as geo-localisation add a whole new layer of value as consumers search for jobs, cars, and property within a radius of where they happen to be at that moment. Suppliers are acutely aware of that demand, which is why many of the cloud approaches also include mobile portal facilities, sometimes from names and regions you may not (yet) be familiar with.

Spilling the beans

The Expo is where newspapers worldwide come to share secrets and there’s no better proof of that than the presence of Eterno Infotech and CarTHINK. If you haven’t heard of either, that’s probably down to geography since CarTHINK’s white-label advertising portal (obviously with an emphasis on the auto trade) has made its name in North America, notably with the TorStar portal in Canada. Meanwhile Eterno Infotech has built its reputation (and garnered its awards) with its NewsHunt product, which it has taken India’s top 30 dailies online in no less than nine languages – classifieds included, of course. Another star from the sub-continent at Expo was 4Cplus, which brings classifieds to its NewsWrap integrated editorial system in the form of the CIO|365 module combining self-placed classified portals with a multi-platform approach that embraces iPad, Kindle, and smart phones.

IPad and iPhone were also the priority for Protecmedia, which came to the Expo to show its cross-platform workflow tools including v6.5 of its MILENIUM Cross Media software, which includes online ad booking and development of classifieds.

Protecmedia declares of the classifieds market that, "The days have gone when the person wishing to place a classified ad came to the company; now companies have to go looking for clients, competing with new threats." Those looking to stay on top of those threats are wise to take the time to go looking for partners – when it comes to classifieds, there is no shortage of choice, of ambition, or innovation.

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