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International Newspaper Color Quality Club (INCQC) winners

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International Newspaper Color Quality Club (INCQC) winners

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WAN-IFRA is happy to announce that 109 different titles achieved INCQC 2010-2012 club membership.

Three Star Club members during the INCQC Awards Ceremony at IFRA Expo 2010.

The successful newspaper titles can be proud. They give an impressive demonstration of their capacity to produce in accordance with the exacting ISO standards and are therefore in a position to reliably reproduce color images and advertisement contents consistently, worldwide, and with the intended color effect.

This provides impressive confirmation of the successful efforts aimed at achieving international standardisation as supported by WAN-IFRA, but especially the successful motivation of the personnel working in every printing plant, the successful choice of materials, the well-founded knowledge of the setting parameters for the entire workflow and the skillful use of measuring and control techniques. The INCQC quality initiative helps ensure that the reader receives an attractive, high-quality product and the advertiser an outstanding advertising carrier. Participants appreciated the support for a better understanding and implementation of the ISO 12647 print standard in their daily production in order to improve the printing process. The INCQC 2010-2012 winners book, which will be available at IFRA Expo 2010 in Hamburg, will present the winner titles.



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2010-10-03 22:19

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